White Corner Desk: DIY Simple Ideas

Jul 28th

White corner desk is another option of the working desk in your office or home. If you are in office, it will be pretty much the same as your colleagues table and nothing really interesting. Well, some additional styling up will help, but changing the whole table, will not be easy. But if you are working at home, then it will be more visible to have the comfortable white corner desk that will help you to boost up your mood and energy in working. Corner desk helps you to have more space on working but not taking so much in the room. It is a tricky and smart option for someone who works in small office room at home.

Pottery Barn Inspired White Corner Desk

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Bring a light corner table that you can get from the furniture warehouse, better the unfinished one since we will paint them and combine with some cabinetry. The next step will be the installing of the corner tables, make sure you have the thin metal legs table so it will ease you when placing the cabinets under it, or better to uninstall the legs and have the table placed above the cabinets. After that you can start painting the surface of the table in white, do it on three layers to make sure the painting is solid, don’t forget to use the shine layer.

More steps to do are the preparation of cabinetry. The low cabinets that you will use should have the height as tall as the table, so that it can support the table and replace the metal legs. The cabinets also need to be painted in all white, unless the drawer’s pulls that will be better left in the way it is. Paint it on the outer and inner side, dry it for a while. You can repaint the outer side if you want more solid color of your cabinets. After that, place the cabinets under the table in two corners, on the left and right to help the balance of table. Now you can manage to decorate your working table.