Whiskey Barrel Furniture that You Should Try to Use

Sep 26th

Whiskey barrels furniture is a type of household that takes the concept of a storage barrel wines very unique. You can make this type of furniture for the living room table, a sink, a chair cafe, a newspaper and so forth. You can use wood that is new or it could be used as a complement to the former wine keg of your furniture.

Whiskey barrel furniture design ideas

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Design ideas that you can make as an example, a table in the living room of your house. Tables made from wine barrel-shaped scars that you can split into two, and then you seal the top as the surface of the table with wood covering the former wine keg that you had just split. If you have, you can create a buffer table with wooden legs with concave models to support the convex part of the wine barrel.

The unique design of other whiskey barrels furniture is to make a wine barrel into a sink you can place it in front of your bathroom. This design makes the top of the barrel, you can add a sink that can be entered on the upper surface of the barrel. Then you can modify the inside so that it can be made sewer and water taps.
In addition to the design as above, you can also make your cafe chairs and tables to be unique. For example, you can make this into a wine barrel table with a top surface with a diameter that is wide enough so that it can be used by 4 to 5 people in the seats. You can be creative in accordance with the idea that you have, combined with something you can find that will surely make your furniture is becoming more attractive again. Very interesting to try instead?