What Flowers and Window Box Ideas are for Autumn?

Sep 26th

Window box ideas can be arranged such way to decorate your house. And as you realized that we are entering the late second half of the year, thus we are welcoming the season fall very soon. It’d be much recommended for you and people to set the window box ideas according to the current season. Since Autumn is the upcoming one, why don’t we celebrate it wholly by setting up the boxes with matching flowers and details? We have 5 options for you to move on from Summer and start cheering for Fall.

Window Box Ideas and Treatment with 5 Colorful Options

First, we have Pansies. They are the types of flowers that appear colorfully in relatively large petals than others. They may show up in white, yellow, blue, purple, and maroon, yet it is not impossible to find them in mixed of bicolor such as white and yellow. This type of flower is nice for edgy yet adorable window box treatment thanks to their large, attractive presentation and short stature. Second, we have Kales. Not being too different with Pansies, Kales have big petals and are colorful.

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What makes them also special is the leave color, potentially in white, pink and purple, or mixture of green-blue. Plant them in small amount, and don’t get worried because they stand up to the Winter.
Third, we have Asters that are contrast as considered as dwarves. No problem, you can still enjoy the amazing and bright yellow, blue, pink, or purple center of them. Fourth, we have chrysanthemums. These types, or also nicknamed mums, may be deemed as the most favorite so far because of their wide variants of colors, including white, red and yellow, to lavender, gold, russet, and chartreuse. Last, we have pumpkins. Simply stack them into the box and voila! Your Autumn window box ideas are ready.