Watercolor Painting Ideas for Personal Greeting Card

Sep 20th

Watercolor painting ideas? No, no, no, we won’t discuss something super serious about how to paint like Pablo Picasso, so don’t be too excited, or worried. This will be something simple and easy to do at home, even with your family.

Handmade card with watercolor painting ideas

Have you ever feel like sending a Christmas card is getting bored and bored because you simply walk by the bookshop and find nice green and red colored card, take bunch of it, and send it to your friends and relatives? Do you also get sick of online party invitation says “Party. Jen’s place. Free beer.”? Well, you are not the only one.
Now let’s back to a little bit more civilized era and greet people with some more attention and love.

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To start our journey to apply personal watercolor painting ideas on the paper, prepare the paper. You can use the cold press watercolor paper, or hot press watercolor paper. The difference of both is only the surface. Hot press watercolor paper has smoother surface than the cold watercolor one. There is no need to use normal drawing paper, because it will turn out very wet and you will just drop it to nearby trash bin.
After the paper, you make sure you have the brush and the watercolor painting palettes. Some recommendations says Grumbucher Goldenedge 4620 Round Size 3 is good for beginner. For the watercolor you can try Sakura Koi as it has a lot more color gradients. You also need old napkin to cover your clothes from the spilling out watercolor and a mug of water for combination to set your saturation. Without waiting for long, you can start write or draw whatever you want in your greeting cards for your love ones. Don’t forget to combine some colors and make darker – lighter type of painting to make it more beautiful.