Upholstered Headboard with Pattern

Aug 17th

Upholstered headboard – is the headboard that using upholster. Upholster is the way to cover a chair or other type of seat with suitable cloth and fill it with a suitable substance. It means that they’ll use the suitable cover and filling it with suitable materials. There are many cover designs for the headboards as well as the filler. But this time, we’ll use the specific pattern cover for headboard with solid or not that fluffy filler. Both are usually used together since patterned covers are usually used by the flat or solid headboards.

Flower Pattern for Upholstered Headboard

The first one is flower pattern upholstered headboard. This pattern is indeed the favorite pattern for many things including the headboard. They’ll use the flower pattern on the solid headboard for the bright themed bedroom or modern themed bedroom. Somehow, the flower pattern can brighten the bedroom. Flower pattern can be used for all bed colors from neutral colors until bright colors. It can be even combined with dark colored bed such as black or navy blue. But the color of the layout of the flower pattern should be changed into dark color or similar color too.

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The next one is the geometric pattern for the headboard. Geometric pattern is somehow can be called as the neutral type of pattern. The flower pattern may be popular but the one who use it are mostly women. But for geometric pattern, men can also use it for their headboards. There are many shapes of the geometric pattern that you can choose. You can choose the common circle shape, triangle shape, and many more. Or you can also use the unique pattern such as zigzag pattern, star pattern, or other unique shapes. Those shapes are usually considered as geometric shape too anyway.