Twin over Bunk Beds for Your Kids

Sep 27th

Twin over bunk beds will surely be something that you need to consider if you have some kids sharing the same bedroom. That is because this kind of bed is able to save the space in the bedroom. As an addition to that, this kind of bed can also teach your kids how to share something one another. If you are looking for the best design for this kind of bunk bed, then the one with the additional storage might be worth to try for them.

Twin over Twin Bunk Beds with Extra Storage

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There are a lot of nice designs that you can pick for this kind of bunk bed, but the one with the extra storage is something that you really need to consider. One of the best reasons is that this kind of bunk beds will surely be able to give you more space in the bedroom since you will not need to buy the additional dressers or storages inside the bedroom.

If you worry about the design of the bunk beds, then you can pick anything that you want. Basically, the main design of bunk bed with the additional storage is the one with the drawers on the lower area of the bed. In short, you are sleeping on top of the storage. However, there are also some nice designs of twin over twin bunk beds that you can try with the double side storage. That is because this kind of bunk bed is placing the ladder right on the far side area of the bed and under the diagonal ladder, you can find the area that is used for the additional storage. However, for this kind of storage, the cabinet style is likely to use. Therefore, if you want to have the nice looking design for the bunk bed, that kind of design above might worth to try.