TV Stand Ideas with Editor’s Most Picked Items in 2016

Sep 27th

TV stand ideas – should be concerned about well. Not only accommodating the TV, but also providing necessary storages. Moreover, when we realize how we live in such modern era, the object is preferably to appear evoking.
To help you adding the reference about TV stand ideas, we are going to showcase 2 styles of TV stand with total 4 models. The surprising fact is that they are the most picked items by interior designers. You can look for them online and purchase as soon as possible.

Modern and Functional TV Stand Ideas You’ll Love

The first style we are going to talk about is the TV stand with least storage. At number one, we have Cherry Hill that is priced $107.99. The TV stand is able to support up to 39” television. With exotic brown color, the stand has two main drawers and two open shelves. The stand is suitable for smaller space thanks to its compactness. At number two, we have Gibson Stand that is priced $111.99. This retro stand attracts attention through its silver box and black hairpin legs. However, it is able to hold up to 42” television to lead you travel globally from your contemporary living room.
The second style we are going to discuss is the TV stand with maximum storage. At number one, we have $408.99 Home Styles’ 4 Drawer Dresser. You’ll be glad to own this one as you’ll promised with sturdy TV stand with four primary drawers and spacey open shelve, too. We believe that this tall stand cooperates well with the principle of TV stand and storage system. Finally, we have Wicker TV Stand that is priced $244.95 with unique combo of four simple drawers and three-level open shelves set side by side. Your 26” television will have a favorable displayer with this one, and so are you enjoying the show.

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