Turntable Stand EBay Collection

Aug 13th

Turntable stand – is the furniture that used to placing gramophone, record player, CDs, and many more. In this modern era, many people are usually using mp3, mp4, iPod, or their Smartphone when they want to listening to the music. It’s because it’s more convenient to use them because they are small and portable. You can bring them to all of the paces to you went. But still, having the gramophone or record player as collection is worth.

You can listen to the old songs with special sounds that you can only heard from it. There is furniture for these old-classic things, but this time we’ll talk about the chairs that sell by EBay. EBay is a pretty known store that sells things related to home and design which means that you will see more designs in this store than the chair designs at the department store.

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Multifunctional Turntable stand

If you can get furniture that multifunction, why we buy the one function only? That’s why we’ll pick the multifunction turntable stand now. Let’s start with the first one. The first one is called Crosley type ST2001A Wirecord Record Turntable Stand Black. Just like its name, this furniture was made from black stainless steel wire and forms three levels of rack. The first one is for CD collection as well as the second level. And at the top of the rack, you put the player or gramophone. You can buy the chair for US$52.95.

Let’s move on to the second chair. The second one is called Crosley ST75 Turntable Record Stand Black. This one is like a small cupboard in black color. There are two drawers with the bottom part is bigger than the upper. You put the CDs inside. Since it’s only for the record player so you not suppose to put the player or gramophone on it, you can buy this chair for US$99.95.