Traditional Kitchens to Warm Your Cooking Time

Oct 19th

Traditional kitchen style is a distinctive style to similar style. Similar here is in term of the name which might ambiguously be related to others old styles. However, it is its root is what makes the difference. It roots from the immigrant decoration style. It dates back in the 18th and 19th centuries from the European d├ęcor. The design is famous for its well match with a room which contains a lot of windows. This is because the style will elaborate a window bay. The goal is to make a homey and warm feeling inside the kitchen. How this style is made?

Traditional Kitchen Design Ideas
Traditional Kitchen Design Ideas

Building Up Your Elegant Traditional Kitchens

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This style comes up with a lot of influences from the previous century. Mainly, it looks more formal because it is influenced by early high-society home. However, this particular style does not have to be stuffy and there is no tight restriction. It has some particular colors or tone to be applied in the decoration. Rich wood tones are invited. In this case, those are cherry and mahogany. For the paint itself, the creamy paints in hues such as ivory and butter are widely accepted and applied. The lighting itself is intended to be gentle and flattering. It mainly put on the chandelier with a casing wearing a fabric to temper the light.

The furniture is totally different from the modern kitchens one. Modern furniture is all slick and simple. Traditional kitchens uniqueness is located in its additional detail. It places more embellishment in its detail unlike the clear look modern furniture. Every shelf door or cabinet is decorated by some carving on it. Hardware on it also functions as jewelry. Door knobs are the example of this kind of jewelry. Brass drop pulls or crystal knobs are some of the details which also function as jewelry. Adding a fabric to color up your kitchen is also a nice addition to your kitchen.

Different from the modern look, traditional kitchens give a perfect look of an understated style. It just gives a nice memorable accents rather than just being straightforward.