Tie Organizer Makeover Tricks

Sep 16th

Tie organizer might be a useful organizer, especially for men. Sometimes, we don’t know about how to keep those ties neatly. An organizer for men’s tie will help them to find out their tie easily, especially if they are in a hurry. Besides that, an organizer for men’s tie also will make the tie always clean and neat every time. Now, many cupboards consist of small organizer in it in order to organize some small things, like tie, sock, etc. But, if you want to make a better organizer for your tie, let’s check this makeover tricks for your organizer.

Makeover Tie Organizer in Creative Ways

You don’t have to buy new closet to organize your ties. You just think more creative to makeover your organizer with these following makeover tricks. First, use a big hanger to hang your ties. This is one of creative makeover tricks that you can try. With hang them in a big hanger, you don’t need to fold or roll the tie. It will make your tie clean and neat every time.

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Then, you can also try to make some barriers for your ties in one drawer. But, if you want to try this idea, you have to roll your tie one by one and put them to the barriers. One barrier definitely fills with one tie. You and grouping them based on your favourite and often used for. For example, the first line barrier for first week of the month, second line barrier for second week of the month, and so on depends on your need and favourite.

Last but not least, you can also use your sock drawer for your ties. A sock drawer has some small space that you can fill with those ties. If you are using this drawer, it has same direction while you are using some barriers for your ties. Some ideas above will be your reference to make a creative tie organizer.