The Unique Of Steamer Trunk Coffee Table

Aug 19th

Steamer truck coffee table – is a clever way to store your goods secretly. If some people prefer to store their goods in closet, now you can store in coffee table. Coffee table itself is low table usually placed in living room. The main function of coffee table is to help you put cup or snack for your guests. However, creativity always grows up and now coffee table can be used to store goods secretly.

The Multifunctional Of Steamer Trunk Coffee Table

The big difference you can see of coffee table and the steamer trunk type one is in design. The steamer trunk one is covered ‘till the bottom since it can be used to store goods. However, to make it looks cool, there are some decorations put on this coffee table. Usually, the decoration are lines crossing one another so it looks like pirate’s. Steamer trunk coffee table’s edge has holder on each so it makes it easier to move. On the other side, this kind of coffee table also has lock so that it is safe enough to store goods inside.

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This type of coffee table are available in many colors. Generally, three popular colors are black, brown, and white. there are various motive for the lines but usually the lines are in brown. Some coffee table also has drawer. It just depends on your preference whether you would like to store goods inside or store in coffee table drawer.

The upper part of this coffee table usually also made out of woods. However, another version is made out of glass yet some people do not really into it since everyone can see what is inside your coffee table. In the other hand, this coffee table has different price. Let’s say for the simple one you can get only for 200 USD yet if you choose thick with strong pirate’s looks it might cost up to 700 USD.