The Unique Design of Natural Wood Furniture

Sep 25th

Natural wood furniture is an interesting idea for you to apply in your home. Some long garden furniture such as chairs, tables, kitchen furniture, and many more. You can use a good quality wood such as teak, tamarind, and other timber that has a solid physical characteristics as well as having a very beautiful wood grain. Some forms the root of a large tree that has a unique shape is also often used as a table leg or chair that is very unique.

Natural wood furniture design ideas

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The shape of a large tree trunk unique indeed usually much sought after by craftsmen household furniture made of wood. They can make chunks of wood into beautiful furniture such as chairs, a round table with the table surface of the glass with table legs made of tree roots blended with a unique shape. To complete the table, it can be paired with a rounded seat with a chair leg also with irregular tree roots.

In addition to furnishing the above, you can also make the wood as a dining table, cupboard, garden chairs, wardrobes kitchen furniture, beds, and many others. If you prefer, you can make the wood as a very unique sculptures.
A combination of natural wood furniture color is among others, brown with beige, black, white, bone, and so on. If you want to make the lounge chairs with a round shape, you can coat on the chair seat with padded foam and fabric have an interesting collaboration with the wood you have. You can also create a table with the middle of the table is left split lengthwise with the bottom of the table there is a glass to put the land that will be overgrown with grass Very interesting is not the idea of design as above?