The Legendary Tuscan Furniture

Jul 28th

Tuscan furniture is another pivotal element for a successful Tuscan-styled decor that you put into your home. Each furniture has its own style to describe certain theme that you pick, it applies also to tuscan-styled furniture.
Tuscan furniture is something that we can see every day. In fact, such furniture is seen in internet or in museum. Well, actually the latter one is exaggerating. This kind of furniture is definitely old and rare. However, it does not mean it is that hard to find it. Some people still have this furniture model as heritage symbol. In addition, some manufacturers also try to restore and built this furniture. That means, the number of furniture of Tuscan is not necessarily gone forever. It can be found even though it is rare. There are some characteristics of this furniture that makes it special.

Characteristic of Tuscan Furniture

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There are some noticeable elements of this furniture. First of all, it has shabby finish. It is the most obvious characteristic that can be seen from afar. Typically the shabby impression is emphasized in the bodice of the furniture. Take one example of a cabinet. The door leaf is finished so shabby while its edge is not stressed too much. Antique Tuscan furniture is then embellished with classic decoration. The decoration for the furniture is simply additional texture which is formed through carving. Additional emblems are also commonly found. They make beautiful composition for achieving classic impression the Tuscan brings.

Another characteristic of furniture with Tuscan design is the legs especially for chair. The chair has thick seating upholstery which makes the legs look shorter than contemporary chairs. There is also connecting bars in the legs for making stout construction. Its special look does not stop to that point. Typically the legs are not straight. Instead, it is slightly curving outside. That makes the chair beautifully accentuated. Still talking about the chair, the back support is lengthy. Padded with leather upholstery, the back support is ready for giving maximum comfort zone for anyone sitting on it. This furniture is classy and cool.