The Ideas of Vintage Headboards

Oct 10th

Vintage headboards – are great in many ways. If you are able to combine and decorate the vintage style for your bedroom, it will not be difficult for you to put there the headboard in vintage style. However, if you cannot put in it directly, you may make your room just look more boring and like out of fashion. That is why you may need an expert to help you with this. By having the right headboard for your bed frame, you can change almost the entire whole look for your bedroom. Whether your design just feels bad or you love your current style but you need a little drama, a “new” headboard in bed can freshen up your bedroom. Create an eye-catching focal point in your bedroom with some great ideas. They all use salvaged or vintage items to craft the stunning headboards that are easy to do-it-yourself.

Rustic Wooden Planks and an Old Door for Vintage Headboards

Talk about the rustic wooden planks in a freebie headboard. Reclaim several old planks from the down fence of neighbor’s torn, salvage yards or secondhand store (wherever you find them), just leave the boards in the weathered state or you may stain them in a hue like your interest. Then, you may simply nail them together above your bed in a pattern. They will give off such a rustic feel, and it can look eye-catching especially with a simple painted message against the grain.

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Giving an old door is the idea of a-door-able. It simply flips an old door on the side and mounts it through the wall above your bed directly. You can do whatever you want to style-wise with the easy door headboard. Paint it, and then leave it in the same shape when you found it in, and distress it with such sandpaper. The vintage headboards design will be looked more fantastic.