The Idea of Making Industrial Style Furniture

Sep 24th

Industrial style furniture is a concept that is very unique furniture. The form is impressed ancient yet classic that will add value to the interior of the room in your house. Usually the materials used for the furniture is of wood with good quality or it could be used wood from the dock, ship, or an old house. Material from used wood has a function as an additional artistic value given from old wood and the former.

Industrial style furniture design ideas

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An idea that came up with the theme is a combination of wood with iron, creating works of art that are very beautiful and classic. For example, you can create a table with made of wood with a square shape like in general, but that makes the difference of this design is a chair with a circle without a chair leg, but the seat is directly attached to the table with the help of hooks and chains that hold the load of the wood.

In addition to the dinner table as above, the idea of other industrial style furniture is ancient wardrobe with an iron frame with drawers push as much as 8 drawer right and left are stratified with drawer handles made of iron circle. In addition, you can also create a chair to put in front of the television with the leg of a chair made out of scrap metal wheel with a diameter that is not too large. Then to the back of a chair made of wood with pieces lengthwise, to complement those seats you can combine with foam as seat holder are coated with a cream-colored linen suit your creations. A lot of furniture that you can make in accordance with your creativity, you can only make a shoe rack, wardrobe, bookshelves, and many other furniture.