The Cutest and Calm Nursery Ideas for Girls

Sep 21st

Nursery ideas – for girls and boys are very different. For the girls, we prefer to the character of the girl. The example is the design for girl is full of feminism and soft. The nursery ideas for girls design use the imagination of the girl, because they were still children prefer to the cartoon characters. The cartoon characters like princess, hello kitty, and Barbie. They like this characters because they were very cute and funny. Children are need entertainment, they will feel comfort if they happy. When the children feel happy they will sleep well, and feel comfortable in the room. Sometimes it difficult to choose the decoration for the nursery, because of the children want to many characters in their room, but it will impossible to the parents to follow the children’s wanted.

The Colors of Nursery Ideas for Girls

Girls are more interest with light color, cute, and feminism. The ornament certainly has cute and feminism with the dolls, and many toys that very cute. With the right color chosen, it will make the nursery that the children want; they also can add their favorite toys and dolls. There are many colors of the girl’s favorite, such as light blue, purple, red, pink, and white. Purple gives girly and feminism impressions, it will balance if you add the neutral color like white and brown on the furniture.

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Meanwhile, the pink or red color brings them to their imagination like they are princess. But, there are also the children that like in the sea or blue color. The combination with blue and white will give the feel like in the see, it is very calm. You can add the sea ornament like sea stars, squid, whales, or other characters from sea. It can be a big whale’s doll and wallpaper. It will make the children feel like play in the sea.