The Advantages and Disadvantages of Granite Kitchen Sinks

Sep 12th

Granite kitchen sinks for some people are such unique materials to be used for sinks. If you are looking for the new kitchen sink, you would consider granite composite. Granite compact construction material give you superior resistance to scratches, chips, and also heat. Dozen people said that granite is the most durable composite sink materials even though it is not care free.

The composition both granite and acrylic will create the most durable sink materials and surface, which granite takes about 80% of composition while the rest 20% are taken for acrylic resin in which materials composite for strength and scratch resistance. Generally, it is found in the dark hues, granite composite is able to be made and custom in an array of matte colors.

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Both Minus and Plus of Granite Kitchen Sinks

As the above explanation above said that there are many advantage and disadvantage of sinks made of granite. The advantages are that granite sinks are resistant to scratches, stains, chips, and some household acids. Beside, granite sinks look natural in matte stone. Thus, granite sink will not fade when it is exposed in the high heat and of course they can accommodate hot pots and pans after cooking.

The advantages of granite kitchen sinks are available only in matte finished, it is due to the manufacturing process. The granite sinks are prone to stains from waterborne minerals since the granite is a porous material and those can dull the finish over time. The next is sustainability, that granite composite sinks will do not require chemical cleaners and reducing sum of chemicals that enter the water minerals. And the maintenance, where granite sinks is able to stand up to scratches and heat.

Those, granite composite does require to carefully maintenance to keep its appearance so the color will be good and the will be still in a god condition. To keep them good, clean them every day using soap with nylon made of brush in a circular motion to assist from preventing stains. Then dry it with a dishcloth after using them avoiding from stains and from hard water effects.