Tatami Bed Is Your Solution To Gain Quality In Sleep

Sep 28th

Tatami bed is well known as low bed compared to others. What is so special using this bed? indeed, this bed is different according to its look and design yet its main function is still to make people comfortable sleeping on. tatami originally is japanese bed. if you are used to watch japanese entertaiment such as movie, manga, or anime, you must be familiar with this bed. however, some people think that it is more comfortable to sleep on this low bed. they think the low height impacts them to feel more relax when about to go to sleep. Moreover, this bed also has simple design with calming colors. If you are interested to get one, here is some types of this bed.

Different Types Of Tatami Bed You Must Know

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First, you can choose a really traditional tatami. It is just like bed without divan. However, tatami is thicker yet softer so that it is already comfortable to sleep on. besides, this traditional tatami also does not turn cold even it is directly touching floor. A traditional tatami usually available in single size. When you buy tradational tatami, usually it is already included pillows and thick blanket.

Since the world enters modern era, now a modern tatami bed is also available. It does not change the original shape though, but still a bit different. If traditional tatami directly touches the floor, the modern one has divan. Please not that the divan is really low so it still feels you sleep on tradtional tatami. You can choose whether the divan has bunker or not. if so, the buncker usually looks like drawer right beneath your tatami. Another idea for this modern tatami is, it has 2 levels. The first level is divan, the second one is tatami. Surely it is different because the tatami shows up out of divan.