Tall Headboards Design Ideas

Aug 18th

Tall headboards – are the typical of headboards that have the tall type. It means that you’ll get the better headboard for you and your back. Contrary with the height, this kind of headboard is not usually used for the big sized bed. Instead, it’s used by the small sized bed or single bed. But still, the point is that this headboard is very comfortable to be used. Most of these headboards are also using the typical of solid headboard type, not the soft one. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the products that using this model for the headboard.

Bright Colored Tall Headboards

The first one is the bright colored tall headboards. The main point of this model is the coloring. We already know that most of the headboards are using neutral colors or elegant colors such as white, black, or grey. But this one, the tall height headboard is using bright colors. There’s a product called Cyd Linen Upholstered Wingback Headboard. This headboard is using bright yellow color for the headboard. The headboard has sown in dots model too. The color and the sewn are great combination for this headboard. It may be great idea to use bright color since bright color can brighten the room. This headboard is very suitable for the bright themed bedroom.

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The next one is the typical of tall and thin headboards. This is the typical that many small sized beds used. The tall and thin models will look great with small sized bed. They are usually using the solid model too since they want to make it thin. But they still use soft fabric and sometimes put some fluffy stuff to but not that much. In some headboards, they sowed the thin headboard too to get a better look of headboard.