Swimming at the Lap Pools

Jul 31st

Lap pools – are long and narrow swimming pools that used for a person only to swim laps. The common pools have two lanes of swimming traffic but the most popular ones just have one lane so only one person can use at a time. They are designed to be long and deep enough so the swimmer can feel cozy.

Usually, they are a rectangular shape and they have length: 50 feet minimum, width: 8 feet minimum, and depth: 3,5 feet minimum. We can make swimming becomes our healty lifestyle whether we have the pool at our home or at sport centres. Can swimming, especially in the long and narrow pool, really good to our health? Let us check out some benefits if we swim in the kind of pool.

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The Benefits of Swimming at the Lap Pools

1. Improve mood
Swimming can improve our mental and emotional health. It can relieve the stress that we encounter every day, like other exercises.

2. Help us get-in-shape
Because it has narrow and long rectangular shape, the kind of pool can give us good shape. We can not freely swim to the left or to the right, but just moving forward or moving backward.

3. As outdoor relaxation area
If we place it at our backyard, we can sorround the pool with a grassy area and frame it with a row of beautiful flowers. So if we open the window, we can feel relax while we reading some books, for example.
What better way to enjoy such benefits than by having lap pools in our home? No more member card to swim in public swimming pool, we just jump down to our pool.