Stylish and Glamorous Gray Kitchens

Oct 10th

Gray kitchens – can bring an atmosphere of stylish and glamor. Choosing a color for every room design is indeed involute thing. Colors may be the second or the third step of decorating a room which the most important are style and its functionality. So does for kitchen décor and design. But gray painted kitchens is such as different thing. Because this kind of kitchen design color can make the kitchens themselves styles. The color can fit to any kitchen style from the simplest one to the contemporary or modern styles. This neutral color is also claimed to bring sophisticated sense to the kitchens. So if you pick this stylish gray as your kitchen color you will not regret it even once.
The uniqueness in the kitchen of gray is that you not only can paint the walls. Gray can work for coloring the cabinets, the backsplash and even the cooktop. As we know, the gray is neutral color for some materials such as stone, stainless steel, high gloss and other metals. So if you want to make this kitchen design you can combine gray cabinets, stainless steel sink, and the fridge, as well as gray painted walls. This can make your kitchen look more glamorous.

Different ways to make gray kitchens shown up

There are many ways to make the gray feel of a kitchen can be shown. First, use the cabinets as the gray center. By painting wood cabinet materials with gray, the kitchen can look more elegant and natural. Besides wood materials, high gloss cabinets also fits to the kitchen style since the color of this material is gray. The second way is blending all the gray color to be one unity like explained above. Other way is combining gray cabinets with wood materials which can be apply to the racks and other interior. Some bold accent colors of woods will give warm and inviting feels.

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