Solutions for Bike Storage Ideas

Aug 19th

Bike storage ideas – are the ideas about the storage for bikes. You can use hanging way or bike wall rack.
Bike storage ideas are the ideas about the certain storage that specially use for the bike. If you are really into cycling then you need a room for your bikes. That’s including a family that loves bikes too.

If you have many spaces in the house, then it’ll be no problem for you to save your bikes. But it’ll be bad if you have no room to put the bikes. In that case, you need a bike storage ideas solution, so that you can put your bikes without big spaces. In this article, we’re going to some ideas to save your bikes without adding room or spaces in your house.

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Great Bike Storage Ideas

Before we talk about the ideas of saving the bikes in your house without addition room, we need to decide the room that we’ll use to save the bikes. Some of the people are using the garage –that usually used to save cars- for the bike storage. But first, you need to make sure that there’s small space in the garage. Then, let’s start. The first idea to save your bikes is by hanging them on the wall. You can do that for one until two bikes. You just need to buy strong ropes to hang the bikes. You can ask some experts about the kind of rope that usually used to hanging the bike.
The second idea is the bike wall rack. There are two types of rack: the vertical one and horizontal one. In case of saving the space, the horizontal one is better. They’ll have the special hanger for the bikes so that you can hang the bikes in that bike wall rack. That’s great idea, right? You can buy this kind of rack in the store. You can get the bike wall rack in the bike store.