Solid above Ground Pool Deck Ideas with Wooden Edge

Jul 31st

Above ground pool deck ideas – are one of the ideas to building a pool without digging the ground as the place to create the pool. This is kind of new technique in building pools, any kinds of pools. Here, we are going to talk about building pool; a swimming pool using this technique idea. Just as we have explained before a little, that to make this kind of swimming pool is definitely different. Unlike the on the ground swimming pool which people used to dig and make a hole with the certain size first, then in the hole, people give it some kind of concrete and so on and so on.

Wooden Edge above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

All of building pool processes for both ways to build pool are definitely same. The difference only exists on the first step to build it. To build above the ground swimming pool, instead of digging hole on the ground, people have to build such the kind of foundation just like when they are going to build a home or other kind of building. Then, after the foundation is ready, people can continue by creating a deck. This deck is for the swimming pool edge. Since the position is not on the ground, the strength of the foundation will determine whether the pool is appropriate to be used or not.

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After have done with the foundation and the deck, then it is the time to move with the edge. To convenience people ( it can be the owner or other people who are going to use the swimming pool ), it is necessary to create such edge around this kind of pool. One of the great ideas to create edge for above ground pool deck ideas is by using the solid wooden. It will gave the great quality pool result and the nice view.