Sales Training & Motivation

Sales Training & Motivation

 Today’s business and sales environment is filled with the need to make the sale right now.  Immediacy sales is often taught incorrectly, leaving a bad taste in the customer’s mouth.  Getting the sale right now is all about the development of a relationship. 

Relationships between your sales force and clients create, not only, the “right now” consumer, they lay the groundwork for customer loyalty, referrals, and up sales.  Most customers want what you have, they just need a “trusted advisor” to help them make that decision.  Marc will help your people become that person, to your customer, in minutes. 

Marc Warnke offers a nice mix of sales training and heartfelt motivation.  He’ll open your sales force’s ears with his powerful message of “time is money” and other excerpts from his bestselling book, ONO.  Marc’s speaking profoundly touches people and makes difficult to understand topics, simple. He tells relevant stories that touch their hearts while they learn new techniques. 

Your sales staff will learn the fine details of how to develop “intimate acquaintances” which will facilitate sales.  In addition his subtopics can include: The Family First Entrepreneur, Operating from the Spirit of Generosity Rather than Greed, Imitation Not Innovation, Spirituality in Sales, Fulfilling a Higher Purpose and Taking an Active Role in Creating One’s Own Wisdom.  Marc can put together a customized presentation specific to your industry, product or service.

Marc understands and relates to the fact that sales people are funny ducks and he will help your ducks fly.  

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