Simple Basement Flooring Ideas

Aug 19th

Basement flooring ideas – are the ideas about the flooring of the basement. Basement is actually an addition room in the house. Some of the people are just using the basement as the storage room or extra room for keeping old things. Well, that’s actually fine since basement is an additional room. But it may be not bad to change the basement into a special room that worth to be visited. In that case, you can decorate the basement including choose the suitable flooring idea for the basement. In this article, we’ll talk about some ideas for the basement floor according to the use of the basement.

Interesting Basement Flooring Ideas

The first one of basement flooring ideas is the simple wooden flooring idea. Wooden flooring is actually pretty famous because it’s simple and it blends well with all kinds of room design or style. In this case, let’s give the example of the living room in the basement. If you decorate the living room in the basement with rustic style, then it’ll be great to have dark colored brown wooden floor. But, if you choose to get the modern or simple style of the living room, then light brown colored wooden floor is more suitable for that kind of living room.
The second idea is to get the mineral stone for the basement floor. Mineral stones are great for floor when the floor is the lowest one in the house. In this case, the basement floor is the lowest floor in the house. You can use the mineral stones without worrying about the weight of the stones. Mineral stones are actually great for all kinds of room designs. But it’ll be better if you use it in the luxury themed basement or simple nature-like themed for the room. Both designs are match well with mineral stones.

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