Simple and Helpful Folding Bed

Sep 22nd

Folding bed is the type of bed that you can fold once you don’t need it anymore. Have you ever seen a folding chair or folding table before? Well, the concept of the design is just the same as them. And the function is practically same too. This bed was made to help you to get portable bed that you can bring anywhere and anytime. Do we really need this kind of bed? Oh yes, we do. This bed will really help you to get a nice sleep when you going out for camping or hiking. You can put the bed in the tent and get a warmer and more comfortable place to sleep.

Folding bed Design Ideas

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As mentioned before, the basic design of this folding bed is just like the folding chair or table. The bed’s frame is usually made from metal since metal is light weighed yet strong enough to support our weights. There’ll be three legs in u-shaped under the bed, two legs for the edges and one for the middle part. And the upper part will be fully covered metal for the place to put the bed. They’ll usually put the bed right away so when you buy it you’ll get the bed’s frame and the bed too in one package.

But the thing is that we can’t get the fluffy bed like the one in our bedroom. We usually get foam mattress as the bed. Some of the products are not even giving the mattress; they just use the blanket as the bed. Well, it’s necessary to do that since we need to keep the bed thin so the bed will be easy to be fold and light weighed. They usually didn’t give you pillows so you need to bring the pillows on your own, or you can just use your bag as the pillows when you go to camping or hiking.