Shadow Box Ideas for Your Vocal Point

Sep 20th

Shadow box ideas – are expanding by the object that can be captured in the memory box; keeping your childhood moments, or your beautiful mesmerizing proposal to your beloved one, maybe you world travel memorial. Shadow box can do all this things. No doubt! Now the rest is up to your creativity on how to put all memorable things and make a story from them. But maybe you can simply make hint of the story and let it leads to the fruitful conversation about your amazing box idea. You can even get your creativity to be expressed in a particular way so that your shadow box will be really suitable for your need in decorating your house to be more attractive and beautiful.

Brainstorm your shadow box ideas

Together, we will figure out how particular things that can be a perfect appealing shadow box ideas in your house. Take a chance to look back to your memory from pictures or diary and try to find the signature things from every beautiful moment you would like to capture. One example, I you would like to capture your grown up daughter into shadow box, you can start with her very first time shoes for the main object in the box. Then you can proceed with the picture of her smiling bright, maybe riding her first bike, or when you walk her to her first day at school.
Second step.

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Put them all together with some aesthetic angles. Frame it up. Last step will be hung the shadow box in your relatable room. It can be your living room. You can also put it on a small table in the common room. Even hang it by the wall on the stairs. Replacing the one story painting, your very own shadow box will tell million stories at once. Happy trying!