Selection of Materials for Stone Coffee Table

Aug 15th

Stone coffee table – is a unique furniture which has a function as a table to enjoy a cup of fragrant coffee. The main ingredient of this furniture is none other than rock, but also another option of rocks like marble, granite, solid surface or the like which has a high artistic value in order to bring a comfortable atmosphere while you enjoy a good coffee with friends or alone.

The Main Materials Used for Stone Coffee Table

Selection of materials for stone coffee table should be careful. This is because not every stone is suitable to be applied thereto. Rocks textures are easily eroded when it is exposed to acid is less suitable to be applied to this table. Examples of easily eroded rocks that are exposed to acid granite and marble, but the pattern is very beautiful stone. But do not be disappointed, because the solid surface rock types may be able to replace the material. Solid surface has the advantage of not having pores and stains are not easily stick, so it will be easy to clean.

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Solid surface is used for stone coffee tables is suitable. This is because the rock is synthetic so that patterns and colors are more varied. If it is exposed to scratches, this type still to polished so it will be smooth again. It is light weight also it allows the owner to suit his shift. The most important properties that support rock was selected as the main material to be used as a coffee table is very easy to clean, unlike granite and marble coffee stains if it will be very difficult to clean or even will still leave stains on the table. For those of you who have limited funds do not need to worry, because the coffee table with a solid surface materials are cheaper and affordable compared to other types of natural stone.

Knowing material indispensable stone coffee table when to have it. The material has the best anti- stain to be made as stone coffee table.