See How Writing Desk Change Your Mood

Jul 28th

Writing desk for some people means a lot in the process of working. The point is some people don’t know that the writing desk design and decoration will change the mood and might also boost the spirit or working. It is always something to do with the impression that comes from the combined furniture. Take an example from the solid fully furnished wooden table that take a big space of the room, plus the upholstered leather chair in dark brown. You will definitely think about the old professor of History reading books of Ancient Greek Culture. So we will see some relaxing idea of writing desk for your daily working space.

Touch of Asia in Writing Desk

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Open air is the best for the writing place, the outdoor and semi outdoor space is good to go. Start from boxy table from hardwood that has hidden double drawer right underneath the table top. Then for the relaxing eve and Zen vibes around the writing space, paint the table and wooden chair in light blue color. White wall around will be perfect to combine with the stone patterns tile on the floor. Don’t forget one little branch of bamboo with waving leafs into the blue China doll bottle on the table complete the Asian touch.

If the Zen vibes doesn’t help your spirit in working, then we would highly recommend this modern glass and metal writing desk with the accentuation of orange small cabinetry and file place. The design of the table is very simple and futuristic, with thin layer of glass on the top and double U legs of the table supporting the glass, it gives you more spaces on your feet and clean surface for work. The spirit comes from the color on the cabinetry and file place. It is painted is undeniable full spirit of orange and become the bright side of the table.