Seagrass Headboard Ideas

Oct 11th

Seagrass headboard – is suitable for you who looking for a natural, stylish, and environmental furniture to be selected as the furniture in your home, you may not go wrong to choose it. The seagrass is one kind of the headboards that gains serious popularity amongst the interior designers. Seagrass headboards have a natural look and soft that are great for tropical, modern, and country decor. Regardless of your theme of interior design, you will find that this texture of woven organic makes you feel like at home. By having the bed vast assortment headboards on the market today, from the wood headboards to the brass headboards, plastic and metal headboards one wonders why the material such as seagrass are so popular.

Cute Seagrass Headboard Ideas
Cute Seagrass Headboard Ideas

The Seagrass Headboard Design Overview and Manufacturing

Headboards from seagrass traditionally are hand woven over a frame of solid wood. The hand weaving process offers the exceptional quality and it is a rare to find in market today full of the mass produced headboards. The traditional weave pattern for headboards of seagrass is the Bali style weave that creates a tight knit and intricate the overlapping pattern. Once woven the raw material of seagrass is varnished or stained to seal the material for adding the durability. Often the stains are made from the natural sealants like honey.

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The combination of underling material and natural stains is one of the most seagrass headboard attractive aspects. Since the seagrass is organic completely, it comes in a natural hues wide range that is vary with each headboard and makes every piece unique. This natural finished is found only in headboards made from seagrass and the other natural fibers like abaca. You will never find two things which have the exact same both of pattern and color. This finish truly lends the personality for your decor theme and adds the air of authenticity. It is absolutely wonderful for the schemes of tropical design and gives out the warm earthy feeling in any room.