Seagrass Chairs by Pottery Barn

Aug 15th

Seagrass chairs – are special chairs that using seagrass and abaca themes for the chairs. This kind of chair is pretty popular these latest years since the chair is strong and it has beautiful design. Usually, the chair was handmade from woods and it has certain brown colors to make the chair looks bolder.

There are many shops that are interested to this kind of style and ended up selling it. And that’s what happened with Pottery Barn too. Known as one of the famous stores for furniture, Pottery Barn sells one of the chairs that have seagrass and abaca themes. They even gave us the details of the chair. Do you want to know about that?

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Details of Seagrass Chairs

Basically, this kind of chair is really rich in tonal variation, renewable, and durable. In case of the seagrass chair from Pottery Barn, this chair was supposed to use as the chair at the dining room. It has 19 inches wide, 22 inches diameter, and 36 inches height. As we mentioned before, the design and the making process was homemade. It’s using natural fiber and it gives natural look of the wood. It has cushion as the chair’s surface so it’s as comfortable as the sofa at the living room.

There are two color options that you can choose from this greases chairs models: light brown and dark brown. It has very bold accent of seagrass fragrance that you can smell once you sit on the chair. This chair is pretty strong thanks to the mahogany-stained legs and the combination of the abaca. You can get more information about the price and the shipping information in Pottery Barn website. But the thing that you need to know is the fact that this chair is very comfortable to use and it’s really worth in your dining room. At least write down this chair in your wish list of furniture.

Seagrass chairs are really popular lately. It’s using seagrass and abaca themes but it’s still strong and gives great impression.