Sawhorse Desk Decoration Idea for an Office

Oct 8th

Sawhorse desk might be your reference if you are seeking for an office desk. This desk has unusual design with another style of table leg. Mostly, an office using a standard desk for the employees. This kind of artistic desks will make your office looks fresh, especially in the employee’s workspace. Using this kind of artistic desks also makes your office looks not rigid and it also make the employees more free to move and to do your activities there.

Colourful Decoration of Sawhorse Desk

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A colourful decoration will enhance much positive energy for the employees. You can also decor this kind of artistic desk with colourful decoration. You can choose bright colours, like yellow, blue, or red as the main colour. The first thing to do is choose a wood sawhorse desk. Why i guess you to choose a desk made from wood? Because mostly, this kind of artistic desk made from wood and it is cooler than the other one. Then, you can make the decoration by applying some bright colour chairs. As said before, you can choose yellow, blue, or red as the chairs colour.

After you decide about the chair and desk colour, place that desk in the corners of your office. The remaining space in the centre of the room can be used for meeting. In every desk, you can also put some pictures on the wall contain motivation quotes. Put a bookshelves between two desks also a good idea to make a beautiful decoration. Last but not least, you can also decor the desk by put a flower vase, a photo frame, an office telephone, a desk lamp, a laptop or computer or anything else that possible to put on the desk. Hopefully that idea will ease you to decor the desk for your office. Happy trying.