Save Space: Wall Mount Spice Rack

Aug 18th

Wall mount spice rack can be used to save the space. There are some reasons behind that. For the first is from the place. You put it on the wall. This will save the space because you do not need to put it near anything. For the second is from the size. This will not have big size. This is caused by the rack will not design for that. This rack will be made more length than big size. For the last is from the efficiency of the rack. This can be used to put some mount spices. These mount spices are usually put in the table.

Designs of wall mount spice rack

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There are some wall mount spice rack designs. For the first, you can have two levels racks. This means that you will have two levels for the rack. This can be used to put at least ten mount spices. This is usually used for small kitchen. For the second, you can have three levels of rack. This will be longer than previous design. You can also make it wider. What does it mean? It means that you can make it wider so that there will be more spaces for this mount spice.

How to build your own mount spice rack? For the first is preparation. Preparation step should contain of choosing the material and the design of course. You should choose the design and material suitable for the design. For the second is working. Working here means that you start to build the rack. You should have some steps like drawing the design then cutting the material and the last you can combine each part of the cutting board for example. For the last is finishing. You should paint the rack or you just want to make it natural.