Round or Rectangle Trampoline, What to Choose?

Jul 30th

Rectangle trampoline or round trampoline? Different shape of trampoline affects the way its works. It is not a good idea if you step into its marketplace to choose any shape that you want for trampoline without knowing anything about trampoline. Among other physical games, almost no children say no to this one as it is super fun. You jump higher as if you fly just like a bird. Even so, be cautious, a trampoline can be harmful for kiddos if you simply neglect some essentials about how to choose a trampoline that suits to your kids.

rectangle trampoline without net
rectangle trampoline without net

Pros and Cons Rectangle Trampoline

If you don’t know before, the design of rectangle trampoline is meant for pro or someone who aim to reach pro level. In case that you buy a trampoline to support your kids for their future career as athletes, rectangle-shaped trampoline is boldly recommended. It is usually made of top notch material for the springs, the pads, and the bed. It offers better bounce when comparing it to a round trampoline. That’s why professional tends to use this kind of trampoline for practice. Your kids too, if they have a dream to be a professional in the future.

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However, if you buy a trampoline only for recreational purpose, rather than rectangular one, a round trampoline is better. Let it alone, say that you prefer a budget-friendly solution for the trampoline. A round trampoline is way more affordable than the rectangular shape. After the price consideration, its safety is another thing to pay attention with. You already install enclosure for trampoline, but if you think it is enough, you better reconsider it. The injuries that are caused by trampoline is quite high. Selecting a trampoline for little kids, if you have no further motive, a round trampoline is safer.