Restore Your Just-Found Retro Kitchen Table

Oct 2nd

Retro kitchen table – is not a typical super easy thing to find when you come to furniture shop where they mostly sell the modern or classic model of table set. So for you, Retro lover, you might need to check to some second hand shop. If you are in Paris, pretty sure you will find them in a nostalgia shop with an old Cole Porter album. Anyway, once you are lucky enough to get your dream retro table, you still have one way to restore and refurnish it as your brand new retro table is high possibly comes from 1950’s with rusty legs, broken laminate, and dirty surface.

2 steps to new look retro kitchen table

First step will be how to clean the rusty legs of the table. So here you go. Dip cheesecloth in a mild detergent and rub it with a little push on the light rusty part. To make sure that you don’t scratch the fine part, dip another cheesecloth to baby oil and gently wash the fine part. But for a very rusty part, you can use a crumpled aluminum foil, something you surely can fine in your kitchen, and brush gently to the rust. Don’t forget to rewash with detergent and baby oil after.

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For the Formica surface, as also typical characteristic of stylish retro kitchen table, you can install small metal holder by the edge of table, clean the Formica surface by the lemon water and soft cheesecloth and recover it with laminate. Use the metal holder to stick the new cover to the old one. For replacing the aluminum legs or reattach the metal linger around the surface you might leave it to the pro, since it will take a little more skill to do.