Replacing Old Furniture Into a Country Style Furniture

Sep 26th

Country style furniture is an idea ideas often used by homeowners who want a new house style fashioned but has a beautiful impression. Usually furniture with this theme made of wood with a combination of brown and pale warn other like pale blue, beige and other colors. This concept can be applied in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, living room, even to the bathroom.

Country style furniture design ideas

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The idea that you can use is to know first of all a clear concept first. Then, you can choose furniture which may be changed to support the creative ideas. For example, you take a room in your home is the bedroom. To make your bedroom into a draw with the theme, you can change your bed into a little village with using this type of full beds with wooden trellis at the head of the bed and in the lower legs in bed.

Another idea is that you can use to transform your kitchen into a themed village refreshing. Combination of country style furniture with furniture that had long been able to make a similar theme that is not less beautiful and interesting. Your kitchen can be made from almost 80% of the timber so that the village would give the impression that you want. The combination of white and brown color of the wood is very beautiful, especially for the table that you can put in the kitchen as a place to chat and drink coffee.

You can also make a sofa with a theme like the one above, you simply replace the sofa in your living room to your exchange with the theme of a beautiful village. The sofa you created with layers of pink velvet with a bunch of thick carpet on the bottom as the base sofa.