Queen Over Queen Bunk Bed, Bunk Bed With Bigger Size And Style

Aug 8th

Queen over queen bunk bed is the biggest queen size bunk bed you can ask for. In fact, this kind of bunk bed has bigger size than ordinary bunk bed. in the other hand, this bunk bed also has more types and models, especially on materials. Thi bunk bed is not only made out of one materials but it can be mixed with others. Check out and see the quality of this bunk bed.

The Benefits Of Owning Queen Over Queen Bunk Bed

Those who need an extra space when sleeping yet afraid to sleep alone perfectly suit this bunk bed. not only the size, you can see the benefits from its style. The style of queen over queen bunk bed is different than others. For example, the one which is made out of steel. If the buffers are usually on each corner, buffers for this bunk bed has half-circle shape facing each other. those who like art and being different will compelety fall in love with this one.

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If bunk bed commonly has the same position for each level, this bunk bed can have different position which creates L shape. Simply, the bottom is vertical when the upper bed is horizontal. This different position surely will create lack of space yet this space lack can be used to create cup board, drawers, and lockers in bunk bed sets. Surely this is not space wasting since you get those bedroom furnitures along with this kind of bunk bed.

The last one is this bunk bed price. In fact, the price is different depending on brand, materials, and also quality. However, this kind of bunk bed generally costs around 700 USD ;till 1200 USD. If you buy it online, do not get fooled by picture and make sure where their location is also either the price shipping includes or not.