Queen Bed Headboard with Storage

Aug 18th

Headboard with storage – is the innovation of headboard that combined the headboard with storage. It’s the new model that many queen beds used nowadays. The function of the headboard may not the same, but you got something new to be part of your bedroom decoration. You can also use the headboard as the storage, which is why the name of this headboard is the storage headboard. There are many models of this new type of headboard. But the purpose is still the same; it’s to be used as addition storage in your bedroom.

Full Transformation of Headboard with Storage

The first model is called full transformation of headboard with storage. We call them that because the function of the headboard has fully changed. The basic function of headboard should be used for your back to lie down when you want it. And it’s to prevent you from bumped into the wall. But this new full storage headboard is like storage on your bed. So the headboard has changed its function into the storage that filled with your bedroom decorations. In this case, your storage headboard will be part of the bedroom decorations. This is the best choice for you who want to have addition storage to put your books and decorations on the bed.

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The next one is called half storage and half headboard. It means that you can still see the actual headboard in this new model. Usually, they’ll put the headboard in the middle and the storage on the right and on the left. In that way, you can use the headboard when you want to lay your back by sitting in the middle of the bed. And you can also put your books or decorations in the small storage in next to headboard. That’s great, right?