References & Testimonials

Sales and Training Testimoinals

Marc Warnke made a dramatic difference in my sales presentation. Each time I met with Marc I saw about a 20% increase in profit almost immediately.

Kab Benefield, Sales Specialist, El Dorado Hills, CA


I have been producing and directing television commercials, mock seminars, infomercials and Business Biographies (TM) since 1999. When it comes to seminars, no matter how well we light, shoot and edit the piece, it is always the presenter that dictates the success of the project. There are very few that I have worked with that I consider to be "masters of the presentation trade." Marc is one of those masters. I love watching Marc work. He has the ability to to get an audience to identify with him, put down their defenses and open up for the content that he wants them to receive. It is calculated, deliberate and amazing to watch from my point of view.

Jim Reidenbaugh, Family Documentaries, LLC, Reidenbaugh Multimedia Productions, LLC


The recommendation of your skills from a mutual friend had seemed almost to good to be true. But in looking back over this last year, the increased results in our sales of 60% leaves little room to question your talents.

Clive & Lynn Sinclair, Glendale, AZ


Seminar Testimonials

"I recently attended one of Marc Warnke's seminar after reading his book and I feel compelled to comment on it. I have been to a number of these things and have read a lot of books in his genre so I'm a little bit jaded. But I must say that he surpassed my expectations. Marc has the unique ability to take complicated material and transform it into simple truth that rings home. I highly suggest that you attend one of his seminars as well as read his book. You will leave the experience buzzing with ideas, thoughts and hopefully a new way of looking at your business dealings and relationships."

Cory Glauner, Owner/CEO, WebDog Services


"Thank you so much for the opportunity to attend your seminar, I felt honored to be in there. I have a list of 3 plus changes to my life gleened from your talk. Many of the concepts were truly unique - there were some real precious gems in there."

Terry Mann, Buisness Development Officer


"I moved out of the city to enjoy the outdoors and my family but I have not really taken the time to do that becasue I have been so busy with my business. The ONO seminar has helped to remind me of the things in life that I have been overlooking. In turn, I have reevaluated both my business and personal goals in life. Thank you."

Beau Value, CEO, Everest Construction


"Great seminar, uplifting and positive. Good to hear other people speak of the things we find important, and that's family. Marc speaks on the subjects that tend to get lost in everyday confusion and that's doing something for yourself with what you have, again family and the importance of Entrepreneurialism in our country. Good stuff, thanks for the info."

Coletti Glauner


"Life is juicy. I know first hand how nice it is feels when I'm right in the middle of the "juicy" life. The people I love in my life, know it. I choose to continue on a path where my financial decisions will allow me to spend more time with those I love and those who make a difference. The financial advise given by Marc Warnke helps me think about balance and simplification of my life. By reorganizing expenditures and cashflow, I have less reason to follow my #1 goal of being with those I love and who matter the most to me. I would recommend Marc's Ono Concept to anyone who lives on this planet."

David Clemons, President, LearnKey Inc.