ONO and Family First Entrepreneurism


Marc builds motivational presentations around the lifestyle he teaches in his book, ONO.  He will show your organization how to get there.  Because the content of ONO and the idea of Family First have such a universal appeal, they can be adapted to any organization.


Creative Childrens Entrepreneurial Ideas

Creative Childrens Entrepreneurial Ideas

A Family First Entrepreneur is someone with an entrepreneurial mindset who keeps his or her family first.

As we look more deeply into this definition, we must acknowledge that when business people put their families first, those two elements—business and family—affect one another in profound ways. For example, when you want time with your kids, that choice relates to and has a direct effect on the time you spend on business and other endeavors.

Family First Entrepreneurs make business choices based on the potential impact they will have on their families first, and on business profitability second.

People who align with this principle realize that their families’ ability to function properly also affects their businesses. There is nothing like family trauma to make a day at work both unbearable and unproductive. They realize they need a healthy marriage and family life to be their best while producing a living. At the same time, making a good living is part of keeping your family healthy and safe, so a successful business is one of the best gifts you can give to the people who depend on you. Family First Entrepreneurs need a healthy work-life balance, because the two are so interconnected.

Lastly, Family First Entrepreneurs have an attitude about wealth creation that puts the goal of building wealth for the enhancement of their family first, and for material possessions second.

Whether you’re an empty nester, a single person, or have chosen not to have children, you still have a “family.” If you are someone who puts your family first, who wants work-life balance, and who would enjoy creating wealth entrepreneurially, Marc’s message is one you need to hear.

~Potential Topics~

 Work/Life Balance

Marc is passionate about work/life balance. It is a very important piece of the family first lifestyle. Too many people overwork and exhaust themselves in attempt to “get ahead in life.” Marc teaches you how to “work smart” rather than work hard so that you can build wealth and at the same time, spend more quality time with your family.

Create Wealth From a Spirit of Generosity

What goes around comes around. Marc believes that business should be operated from a spirit of generosity as opposed to a spirit of greed. Learn how to create “give/give” situations that benefit everyone involved.

Develop Your Higher Purpose

Imagine yourself with all of the time and money in the world. What would you do with your life? Marc is a firm believer that if most people were put in this situation they would use their time and money to do something greater than themselves. He calls this a Higher Purpose. Let Marc help you identify your Higher Purpose and use it to create the motivation to make changes in your life as well as in the lives of others.

Family First Entrepreneurism

Marc’s passion and motivation come from is family. He feels that every aspect in life should be centered around family. Family First Entrepreneurism is a lifestyle that Marc has defined and has made his goal to share. You will learn how to balance your time and money so that you are able to spend the as much time possible with the people that matter the most.

Limit Lifestyle to Create Options

In today’s society, there is so much pressure to “keep up with the Joneses.” People go further and further into debt just to have the appearance of wealth. By doing this, they are burying themselves with obligations. Marc teaches that true wealth is generated by limiting lifestyle to create excess. When you do this, you have more options about how you spend your time and you can take advantage of the really juicy things in life.