Powder Room Ideas: Bigger Doesn’t Mean Lesser

Sep 21st

Powder room ideas – are plenty as fish in the sea. Now it is not a difficult thing to “abracadabra” your guest welcomed powder room as how you want it to be. Most of the ideas of powder room remake is how to make the room looks bigger, or larger, or spacious. This is quite tricky if you simply lesser all the furniture or additional shelves in your powder room. Why so? Well, it is much more fun than putting our stuff out. Here you go!

Easy step for powder room ideas

Dragging out of your furniture to make more space doesn’t mean that your small powder room will look more spacious. Now try to put a medium large mirror above the sink and see the different. Try to find the edge-less mirror to expand the view and reflection or larger room. Before we move to any style, then try to fold the towels and manage it inside the desk under the sink basin to save the space rather than hanging it on the extra handle. Use the head of basin to put a soap and small decoration, or even combine both soap and decoration! Fine a soap place that shapes like a shell, bolding the sea shore powder room ideas.
Once you are done with the managing properties, now check your wall. Why would you leave it all boring white, while you can just dip a brush and paint a little bit? Prepare a painting brush, green paint, and red cherry paint. Now come back to your childhood when your Mom told you not to write on the wall, and paint it up! Series of high cherry trees along the wall will make a statement of your nice back to nature powder room. You can also put a wall paper if you don’t have enough time to paint it yourself. Some pattern of clear Blue Ocean would do, because sea style mostly brings the fresh and welcome feeling to your guest

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