Plate Rack Ideas from Stephanie Lynn

Aug 3rd

Plate rack is a part of the kitchen modular storage, inside and outside of the cabinet. With the plate rack surely we can manage our plate well without afraid that the plates are being pushed or even broke because the messy arrangement in the kitchen. So it will be a very good decision that after few months you take time in your free Saturday to have a review in your kitchen of what improvement has been made so far, what is the additional stuff in the kitchen, and re arrange the spacing and storage for each utensils to make it tidy, easy to find, and surely better view of your kitchen. Choosing the right plate rack will be the homework for you and Stephanie Lynn will be happy to help you out with it.

Floating Plate Rack or Inside Cabinet Plate Rack?

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The floating plate racks allow you to have open air and fresh circulation of the air in the plates, means the wet plates will easily get dried. But the problem occurs after, the dust from the room will dirt the plate if you put it on the open shelves. Moreover if you let the window opens for some times while you just finish cleaning the dishes, the dust might stick on the wet plates. See, in some point it is good, but also not really good. So, Stephanie Lynn offers us the inside cabinet plate rack. You can use either the floating cabinet, or the low cabinet under the serving and cooking counter, make sure that you cry the plates with the dish washer machine or soft towel before you store it.

The separator between plates will definitely help the plate to have space and air between one to another and avoid the cracks. You will love how they manage to have extra space for the glasses in front of the rack for plate, with the assumption that drinking will be a lot more needed in daily, so the glasses are in the front. This is also avoid to take the glass and unconsciously move the plate and break it. It is juts technical issue but somehow important, especially you who has kids at home. So enjoy your review time and happy managing your kitchen!