New Country Kitchen Ideas

Sep 12th

Country kitchen ideas – are the ideas about having country theme for the kitchen. Country theme is a unique theme that will give you a nice and comfortable atmosphere when you use it at certain room. The country theme was based on the country house in the countryside. But with some kind of changing, we get various designs for this country theme. In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the country kitchen designs that may be suitable for your taste.

Modern Country Kitchen Ideas

When we talk about the changing of the house design, it’s usually because people want the design to be more modern. And that’s what happened with the country design too. There’s a white themed country kitchen design that has been captured by Sam Mcadam-Cooper Photography. This kitchen may look kind of modern house with white colored wall and ceilings, white kitchen set, simple shelves arrangement, and wooden floor. But when you look at the kitchen table in the middle of the kitchen and the two tall yet slim chairs, you may change your mind. This is the example of the result of the mixing designs of the modern and country styles. You got the change of style buy you still keep the important part. You can still feel the country atmosphere in this kitchen.
The second one is the country kitchen ideas with unique style that has been captured by Sharyn Cairns Photography. The basic room design of this kitchen is using modern theme, just like the previous kitchen. But the kitchen cabinet is definitely country style with the old green paint that you usually seeing used by countryside houses. There’s also a tall wooden chair and the hand painted tiles from Aeria Country Floors that creating line on the wall. It’s definitely best combination for the country house.

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