Nelson Coconut Chair

Aug 12th

Coconut chair – is a special chair that designed by George Nelson. This chair is a unique chair that designed in 1950s. In that old time, Nelson came up with an idea of making a chair that looks like slice of the coconut fruit. And that’s how we get this unique chair.

The original name for this chair is actually Nelson Coconut Lounge Chair. It’s because this chair was basically used as lounge chair, a typical of chair that used for the relaxing time. In this article, we’re going to talk about the details of this unique chair.

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Unique Coconut Chair

The first thing that may come up in our mind is the comfortable of the chair. Since it has unique design, many people were wondering about the feels when we sit on the chair. Well, if you asking about that, then the answer are yes. This chair is comfortable. It’s actually thanks to the slice design that makes the space at the chair’s surface is lower than regular chair so it’s comfortable to be sat on. But it may be a little bit uncomfortable for fat people since the surface’s part is kind of small and low. There is a leg of the chair that supports the chair so it can stand. It’s because the coconut chair has unique shape so it’ll be hard to stand for it.

You can get padded arms in thick one-piece foam rubber since the designer put them on the car. This chair is simple and futuristic so they tend to use bold color such as dark blue, black, or dark grey color. You can actually decorate the chair yourself by outing a cushion in a similar color. Or if you want to make it more unique, you can use the bright colored cushion to make a contract look and make the chair looks greater.