Modern Porch Columns

Jul 31st

Porch columns – is one part of the exterior of the house, usually it is built in the front porch of the house, that has the function for strengthening and at the same time beautify the house building. The porch is like a human face, because everyone who visited our house will certainly see the porch first, and it can give us an impression whether our house is nice or just so-so. So the column is one part that must be done seriously in creating a house profile. The design must be suitable with the theme of the house itself so that the whole building look harmonious. Material selection is also important because each ingredients give different impressions to our house.

Cool Modern Porch Columns
Cool Modern Porch Columns

Materials Options of Porch Columns

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1. Wood
If we like the natural home-style, we should choose the wood material. But, make sure whether it has a good quality and long-lasting or not so it can not easily eaten by termites or moth. The wood appearance can give elegant and luxurious impressions.

2. Concrete or Cement
If we like the modern home-style, we can choose the material from concrete or cement. It can give strong and majestic impression for our house. Beside that, it can reduce our budget because we can get this material easily so the price is low.

3. Natural Stones
If we like art, materials from natural stones is the most suitable choice. For this concept, we do not need to add some modifications. We just let the natural stones decorate your columns naturally.

4. Stainless Steel
If we prefer the practical and reachable price one, so columns from stainless steel material can be our alternative choice. On the other hand, this material lasts in various wheathers and does not need special maintenance.
Those are some references for you in choosing the porch columns that can be applied in your home contruction. We hope that this article can help you in choosing what material that you want to use for decorating your house.