Modern Fun College Graduation Party Ideas

Sep 20th

College graduation party ideas – nowadays has moved from something end up with hangover whole night and stumbling home by 3am after getting super drunk and dance all night. No, darling. We are all grown up now, so let’s think about something proper where you can appreciate w little bit your hard work in college so far. College party will even be really unforgettable for the ones who are in the graduation day for their college.

College graduation party ideas, FINE yet Fun!

Since there will be after party by the end of formal party, so let’s think about the easy transformed party where you can enjoy the fun but also not ruining your memorable day when you finally graduate from 4 years bachelor in college. There are actually some acceptable college graduation party ideas that you can suggest to your student board to make it happen. It sounds like a Halloween but actually it is not, Theme Party can be one of the answers. Pick one cool theme that will encourage more senior students to come and dress all out for that. It will be fun and very intriguing to see your friends come up with certain dresses you never know they might ever wear.
For one single future possibility, why don’t you come up with the idea of Connecting Party. So basically the idea is to connect you and all other invited guest to get to know each other. The planner can also invite some alumni to share their success story and sharing contact, this type of party can be very useful one day when you are entering “real world”, which actually won’t be long after graduation. You might not be able to dance like the King of dance floor, but you might be the next successful alumni who invited to share your story and inspire people.

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