Mirror furniture Ideas to Enhance Your Home Decor

Aug 5th

When it comes to mirror furniture, you without a doubt needs to be clever as there are many options to choose
Mirror furniture offers dramatic look the room where it is placed. The fact is, you are not only can improve the look of a certain room, it adds light as well. In order to make you decor idea by combining furniture and mirror work properly to add visual interest into your home, be sure to match the style of the mirror with the furniture underneath. Suppose that you have a vintage furniture like dresser or table just below it, then your mirror should convey the same thing through it frame and its shape.

Ideas for A Perfect Mirror Furniture

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To style with mirror furniture which enhances your home decor, there are some considerations to bear in mind. Therefore, you gain the best look from mirror and furniture duo. The balance width for both mirror and the furniture is one within one to consider. A huge size mirror will never fit for a tiny size furniture. When the width of the furniture wider than the mirror which is placed above, you have more freedom. Just in case you want to mix mirror some wall arts, you better assure that the total width for both the mirror and the wall arts will never overpower the furniture below it.

The height of the mirror is also essential. When it comes to this, think first where the mirror and the furniture will be installed. If it is for a room like a dining room, the recommended height is about an eye level. However, if you couple it with a tall furniture, the distance between the upper edge of the furniture with the bottom part of the mirror should be around four or six inches. The last but not the least thing is about what is reflected on the mirror. As for this, steer away the opposite side of your mirror from clutter.