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Marc Warnke’s professional life in sales began like many others, long hair that had to be cut, life style that had to change, and an ego that needed to be SQUASHED by the “real world.” 

He started with NFIB, as the youngest ever hired, and within four months became the number three sales representative in the country, out of 168.  With that success, he realized that he had stumbled upon his core entrepreneurial strength—Sales.  After a four-year career with NFIB and a personal shift toward learning, during which he read an average of three information books a week, (a blessing of insomnia and no TV)  he transitioned into the “Pitch Business.”

Yup, the Ginsu, the Shammy, it slices…it dices…  Marc’s product was an innovative water purifying water bottle.  This is a back story that Mark Victor Hansen and Marc Warnke have in common; Mr. Hansen was a Ginsu pitchman. 

Marc Warnke quickly joined a very select group who understood and could explain the dying art of “the pitch.”  He developed a national reputation for his talent, and conducted training in the US and Canada.  He then transitioned from the $20 product category to the $2,000 category as he moved into the high-end cookware business.  He quickly rose to the top of that industry, which is seen as the most difficult “pitch” that can be done.  Here's one for your gee-whiz files:  cookware sales was the launching pad for the careers of Zig Ziglar, Ed McMahon, and Chuck Norris. 

Marc teamed with his wife and in just three short years, he and his nine personally trained reps were responsible for over 30% of the total sales ($5.5 million) amongst a force of over 150 distributors for the largest cookware company in the country, Kitchen Kraft.  With their success, Marc and his wife “retired” to allow time to focus on their new child and Marc’s new book, "ONO, Options, Not Obligations."

"ONO" became a best seller and launched a new online movement--“The Family First Entrepreneur.”  Marc became, and still is, one of the most followed people in the world on Twitter, was featured on CNN and Business Week and his book was sent to eight different countries. 

Marc now speaks professionally on behalf of Gano Excel, various sales organizations, and within his own motivational platform based on the Family First Entrepreneur movement, which he founded.  He is also a sales consultant for selected companies that want his out-of-the box thinking and expertise in the following areas:  large ticket-large audience, immediacy sales, presentation development, relationship sales and especially the development of “intimate acquaintances” that facilitate a sale.  

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