Marble Backsplash with Granite Countertops Accent

Oct 20th

Marble backsplash – has been known as one of the best material that you can use for the kitchen backsplash. That is because the nice look of marble and its strength has been known by many people. However, if you just use the standard marble material for the kitchen backsplash, you might notice the monotonous. Therefore, if you want to have something that is very nice, you might want to also use the granite accent for the countertops next to the kitchen backsplash. That will surely great for your kitchen design.

Kitchen Design with Marble Backsplash and Granite Countertop

You surely have known that marble and granite can be considered as one of the best type of stone that you can use for many purposes in the kitchen. That is because these two materials have the nice look as well as the considerably nice strength. Can you imagine if you just combine those two materials together to make the nice looking kitchen design? The answer will be awesome. Therefore, you might want to consider using these two materials in a combination to create the nice looking kitchen design.

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For your consideration, the bright colored marble backsplash can be considered as the type of marble material that you can easily find in many stores. Because of that reason, the dark colored granite should be your best option as the combination. With this kind of in contrast combination, you can surely have the best from the backsplash from marble material. As an addition to that, the dark and bright colors from the marble and granite will also be able to highlight the material difference that you have for the backsplash and the countertop. Last but not least, even though both of these materials cannot be considered as the cheap material to use, but you will surely be able to have the nice looking design from your kitchen.