Loving the Environment with Kitchen Compost Bin

Oct 7th

Kitchen compost bin – is one of the things that can make your organic trash are useful. It is very useful for you and also you can help the environment. You have to know that in a year a country can produce much million tons of food waste. It is not all of people know that. Then that trash of food waste will be contamination many stream.

If the trash is not thrown to the stream, it will be thrown away incinerators where its decomposition produces methane. So, that will impact to the environment that can make the horrible environment. It just less than 3 percent from many percent of the thrower trash that put to good use of food waste. I mean that just some of people that benefited the food waste to be made as the compost. Actually, I am sure that every people can make the compost by their food waste. They just are not enthusiastic to practicing the composting.

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The benefits of kitchen compost bin

May be some of do not really know about the benefit of compost bin. Actually, compost bin is very useful but some of you do not know and “may be” do not want to know because you do not love with the environment. I hope that is just “maybe”.

I just will tell you two benefits of compost bin. First, if you have compost bin it means that you are composting so you can use the compost to enrich many plants in the garden. Second, you can save the environment because if you haven’t compost bin you will throw away the thrash to the stream or landfill.
If you are confuse about the kitchen compost bin place. I have some suggestions for you. You can place it under the sink, under a plant stand, or on your counter.